Thursday, July 19, 2012

The End Is In Sight

The rain has set in the past couple days. Maybe it is Lithuania's way of mourning our departure. Today marks the last day of classes and though we are happy to be done it does nmean we are thrilled to be leaving for home. The majority of us are taking both classes offered, international marketing and international project management. That means we wake up every day by 7am and do not finish with classes until 5pm. As you can imagine we are ready to not have to be in class again. For those of us staying through the weekend, today marks the beginning of our last few days to celebrate and appreciate Vilnius. It will be sad to say good bye to our new friends but we will go knowing we have new contacts all over the world! The cultural differences have been difficult to navigate so it is sad to leave just when we are getting closer. As soon as I finish this last exam, I will be spending the day finishing souvenir shopping and hunting for new luggage. Yes I have acquired more items but my back pack also ripped! Oops. We are then getting beers tonight with our professors, mentors, and fellow students. Bring on the celebration! Right now my stress levels are on the decline but last night I was terribly stressed. In both classes we had a group presentation and a final tests so the past couple days have been crazy. I am over half way done. Both presentations went smoothly and my management final was cake, even knowing I missed one. All I have left is a marketing final and since we are being tested by two professors and one taught finance not marketing. So I am not looking forward to his part. Wish me luck! On a higher note, yesterday we toured the remodeling of the Dukes Palace. One of the American's uncle is on the committee so we got a tour of something that citizens of lithuania cannot see yet. They are remodeling the palace to open as a museum and are expected to open one part of it by next year. It was very cool to get this private tour and hear the passion behund the committee members. They talked and talked about everything from the rebuilding of a bell that was given to the Lithuanians in the 80s to seeing the wall that houses the names of big donors. Many if these donors come from the American Lithuania group. So go see what your fellow Americans built! It will be so cool to come back one day and see it completed and be able to say I saw this under construction! We also were able to go up the tower and have a 360 view of all of Vilnius! So beautiful! I have learned to appreciate this town and the people who are so proud of their heritage. Lithuanians constantly want to tell you random facts to try to prove to you how great their country is. Apparently Lithuanians housed the first operas. Not Rome. It wad Lithuania. Kinda interesting. This will always be a trip to remember and I have at least learned so much about these Baltic countries and their continued growth in the competing economy. This is not my last post but I wanted to leave you with a little love for the baltics.

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