Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vacation is over...NOT!

What a crazy few days...but I have finally arrived in Lithuania and today is my second day of class. So what does my SECOND day of class involve? Oh right, a 20 minute presentation that is 25% of our grade. Yeah I did not go out last night. I have class monday through thursday from 9am-4:45pm because I am taking both classes offered. Maybe its not the best idea in the world but I will be rewarded in the end. Not to worry though, there will still be stories made and lots of fun to have. The next three weeks hold so much potential and I plan on capturing it all. I apologize for the lapse in time since I have last blogged but internet has been a little challenging. Especially since I was stranded at the Stuttgart airport overnight because of some leak by the engine. At least they put us up in a hotel with a dinner voucher. But that did not come without a lot of frustration. First we get kicked off the plane (because they cancel the flight due to the malfunction), then we have to collect our luggage, then we got to stand in line at the ticket counter for an hour to re-book flights out, then we stand in line at the hotel to get our rooms. Oh man lol it was nothing but an adventure. I finally made it to Frankfurt with a 3 hour layover and met up with a fellow student from MCB so we became travel buddies. The flights went smoothly and when we got off the plane we caught a train to Vilnius. From there the taxi guy tried to rip us off so we stuck it to him and walked lol. It really wasnt that bad of a walk, especially since I was with an American gentleman who carried my super heavy backpack for me! After we settled in and showered we went out on the town. We found a great restuarant with a waitress who was at least entertaining...uh huh. We then found a brewery and tasted Lithuanian beer which is definately different...yet tasteful. We walked to our school and then met everyone back at the hostel. Besides having two classes all day long, and a presentation off the bat, classes are going well and I think they will be interesting and entertaining. This coming weekend is a visit to Skype in a neighboring country with a possibility of a boat ride to...........Finland! Yup. I already have 3 countries on my list from this trip so far, so adding two more sounds pretty freaking great. The weather is is much nicer than the heat and humidity in Germany, but I need an umbrella asap cuz it has rained quite often. Pictures will be coming soon. If you arent my facebook friend and you want to see these pictures, find me. I'll end it for today in effort to keep this shorter. Cheers folks!

P.S. I love my uncle (nice little portuguese guy) but our classroom full of Portuguese students is probably the most annoying thing thus far! I'm not too sure about those kids!

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